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Layers of a Landscape

“Misconstrued”  What do we see in a new and unfamiliar landscape? What do we see in a familiar landscape? Or, perhaps more importantly, what do we look for in a landscape? These are questions that have come up among multiple … Continue reading

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Rising Moon

Driving home from the Getty in the late afternoon and twilight I was reminded of the most important thing in my life and the reason for the path before me. Even though it was the worst hour to be driving … Continue reading

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The candle I had lit this night left a translucent reflection on my small, framed copy of Ansel Adam’s famous photograph. It stood upon an iron candle holder I shaped myself to fit the curves of my fingers as I … Continue reading

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Unearthing a Bizarre Metropolis

Los Angeles’ 2015 Archives Bazaar As a native Angeleno who grew up on the descending foothills of the Angeles National Forest, I had always felt myself somehow looking West trying to peer over those distant rolling hills, valleys, freeways, lights, … Continue reading

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Silent Cricket

Sitting here in a lovely courtyard at night, surrounded with the sounds of waterfalls streaming off the edges of smooth, rectangular pools hovering above larger pools that move between cement blocks placed just as I had placed wooden blocks to … Continue reading

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At twilight today the horizon was a lovely purple; not a periwinkle, nor a true deep purple, but a gentle balance of both in its shade, fading into a cool indigo. It rose as an orb, its edges reaching above … Continue reading

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Sky and Color Framed

The courtyard’s “overhang” had been a comforting peachy-orange, much more gentle of a color and shading than that which appeared in the prior photograph. It remains so now as well. But for five minutes, as I and a small group … Continue reading

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