An Appeal for Patience

As a fellow driver I wish to make a gentle appeal that we all be more patient and tolerant. I have been witness to a recent spree of various drivers getting fiercely angry at those in front of them regardless of what type of automobile the person is driving and with what intent. In some cases it has been a dump truck attempting to back up and deliver their load in a very tight construction zone. This is a tricky and dangerous job for both the driver and those standing or driving nearby, and caution and a slow speed is necessary to this type of work. Instead of measuring this particular situation the driver caught behind the truck reacted with an escalating anger that resulted in the individual threatening the truck driver who respected the magnitude of his work and continued on seemingly oblivious to the unsubstantial offense he was giving. This sort of unreasonably directed anger does nothing good to ourselves or our fellow drivers. We must all remember that we often do not have the perspective of the driver who is seemingly going “too slow” or stopping too quickly, and in some cases for them to do as we would wish would be for them to not be reacting properly to the situation they see before them. In some cases the driver may be a young adult or new resident or citizen just learning how to drive, may have something delicate in their car, or be giving a ride to a passenger in great pain that needs a smoother ride. To react with anger is to give ourselves an unwarranted spike in stress that could turn a good day into a bad one only to insult individuals whose lives we know nothing about. It also may give us a dangerous and false sense of superiority: have we not all offended another driver at some time in our lives, or made a mistake for which we wish to bang our heads against the wheel as though to knock the memory out of existence? Therefore, when you find yourself next irritated on the road remember that even the most alert drivers cannot see all situations before and behind them. We as a collective of drivers hold a collective responsibility to keep the roads safe for each other. If we all approached this daily activity with more patience and tolerance we could better tend to maintaining the greater safety of our roads by not allowing anger to blind our current vision.

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One Response to An Appeal for Patience

  1. Barbara Nightingale says:

    Wow, thanks for reminder to all of us.

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