Tasting Tears

I think one of the most beautiful things we do is Cry.

The rising up of waters and fire from our bosom is a remarkable experience every time, so strange that I too sometimes find myself struggling to keep it down, as though they are a life force that can be hidden. But its bursting out and the seeming rivers streaming down my cheeks is a time at which I have never felt more vulnerable, so heavy, so free, and yet so connected to other human beings. It is a universal experience… the rising of passion and pain that hits us so deeply that our souls seem to demand that we share it with the world. For is it not a spiritual and physical engagement and understanding of the tragic elements and experiences, the struggles, underlying our lives? But, for me, it is also an experience of Joy. Yes, on occasion overcome by the pain I may feel. And yet, it is those moments in which I feel so connected to other human beings that I feel the warmth of Joy. It is a warmth easy to miss in the convulsions of all the other feelings we may have at the same time. And I think that as a society, as a global culture in transformation, we are still wrestling with our understanding of Joy, and, more importantly, what it feels like. But in my limited understanding, to feel Joy is not the same as to feel Happy, for Joy contains the warmth of happiness amidst the greater wisdom and vision of the complexity, ambiguousness, and tragedy around us. The gratefulness of being alive to look into one’s eyes, to stand vulnerable under a violent storm, and to live a life asking questions. The gratefulness to be able to cry with others. It is at those moments of connection with others in ways that transgress the limitations set by our definitions that I see the reason that I am here in a vision so clear it cannot last for long… and that is why it is so beautiful.

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