Silken Threads

In the night I hear the caterpillars crunching and the plants creaking, and I watch as a caterpillar in the shadows silently weaves a nearly invisible web with thin, silk thread to hold herself to as she continues to understand and map out her territory as she grows. As I watch and listen in the solitude of these night hours as the rest of the world seems to be so distant, wrapped among the depths of their nightly journeys in which the mysteries of our conscious find new means for expression, I allow my thoughts to be wrapped among those silken threads that I cannot see in this low light but know are there from experience with these silent creatures, and a feeling is suddenly inspired within me, up from which blooms a thought and an understanding: that much as this silken web proves to be greatly important to this little caterpillar, so is the very web we weave for ourselves. The web we weave proves unique to each of us, connecting our experiences and providing us with a foundation as we too continue to understand our surroundings and grow evermore. And just as invisible as is her’s, our webs may appear strange and even illogical to others until one touches it or moves it into different revealing lights: the revealing light that are the stories we tell about our lives. And interestingly, the very telling of those stories can help us understand our web of experiences ever more deeply.

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2 Responses to Silken Threads

  1. Barbara Nightingale says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful expression of true meaning, thank you.

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