It is startling how even a single word written on a page gives long-deceased authors eternal life. These words, heavy and textured, evoking in each of us a different color, memory, or flood of memories, which we pour forth from our conscious into our tiny spaces and create a new atmosphere and energy for ourselves. Hold those words for a moment. Speak them out loud. Does not each author give a musical rhythm to their writing? Can we sense the way they spoke in the rhythm with which they write? Or does the rhythm solidify in memory multiple voices with which each of us speak and express ourselves? Perhaps their rhythmic words evoke an inner voice that they expressed to few, or only at particular times in their lives. But these layers of voices, no matter how or to whom they were expressed, are so very alive and warm in our internal voice. And perhaps when we give our internal voice to bring new life to their words, their voices become a part of ours.

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One Response to Voices

  1. Barbara Nightingale says:

    I get a different sense from each author I read.

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