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It is startling how even a single word written on a page gives long-deceased authors eternal life. These words, heavy and textured, evoking in each of us a different color, memory, or flood of memories, which we pour forth from … Continue reading

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Silken Threads

In the night I hear the caterpillars crunching and the plants creaking, and I watch as a caterpillar in the shadows silently weaves a nearly invisible web with thin, silk thread to hold herself to as she continues to understand … Continue reading

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I love how some clouds, just a rare few, seem to bloom outwards as the wind carries their draped edges out from a single epicenter, and the evening sunlight catches upon their ruffled edges and glows and dances, catching your … Continue reading

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Tasting Tears

I think one of the most¬†beautiful things we do is Cry. The rising up of waters and fire from our bosom is a remarkable experience every time, so strange that I too¬†sometimes find myself struggling to keep it down, as … Continue reading

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I do not know how prevalent this is, but I am always shocked how just a couple months before my birthday I suddenly realize I am ready to be that age. I suppose I am still at that age where … Continue reading

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An Appeal for Patience

As a fellow driver I wish to make a gentle appeal that we all be more patient and tolerant. I have been witness to a recent spree of various drivers getting fiercely angry at those in front of them regardless … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Complexity

I have a challenge… But before I set it forth, I must explain from where it comes. I love complexity. I love patterns in my fabrics that are no mere dreaming of pretty flowers or items, but a thoughtful contemplation … Continue reading

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