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I love how some clouds, just a rare few, seem to bloom outwards as the wind carries their draped edges out from a single epicenter, and the evening sunlight catches upon their ruffled edges and glows and dances, catching your … Continue reading

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A Southern Californian Christmas

As a native southern Californian I have always dreamed of a White Christmas. But two years ago, after returning from a lovely internship and adventure in upstate New York, I became exasperated searching for conifers and hollies to spark up our home … Continue reading

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At twilight today the horizon was a lovely purple; not a periwinkle, nor a true deep purple, but a gentle balance of both in its shade, fading into a cool indigo. It rose as an orb, its edges reaching above … Continue reading

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Sky and Color Framed

The courtyard’s “overhang” had been a comforting peachy-orange, much more gentle of a color and shading than that which appeared in the prior photograph. It remains so now as well. But for five minutes, as I and a small group … Continue reading

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A Soliloquy to Pouring Tea

There is such pleasure in the feeling of tipping a teapot filled with green or white tea. My favorite teapots feel like a wholesome weight in my hands without being heavy and burdensome, even when filled to the brim, a … Continue reading

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