My Garden

Although I had intended this blog to be focused on great gardens of the world, I thought it would be fun and useful to add an extra category providing some gardening advice to southern California gardeners from my own experiences.  I have sometimes found it difficult to get questions I needed answered about growing vegetables in this hot, arid climate even though there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of books published specifically on that topic. The problem is that many of the great gardening books are giving advice for gardeners in very different climates with their own pests and diseases, while others do not give enough advice. Transferring good advice from cooler or more humid environments can be made even more tricky if you have only been gardening for a year or less in one environment and are still a little unsure about what to expect the weather to be like throughout the year. I have been gardening for a few years in Los Angeles County (while I was home between quarters at college and work). This is now my third summer gardening at home and I am, like other gardeners, a little thrown off by the frustrating lack of rain. So advice between gardeners in our climate may help us survive this drought!

I have posted some recent photos below of my garden at home so you know it is real!


DSC04151          DSC04161                

DSC03978         DSC04160

DSC04154        DSC04357


IMG_4699         IMG_4662


IMG_4667           IMG_4591

IMG_4587         IMG_4593


IMG_4681         IMG_4708



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