Originally, the purpose of this blog had been to share the mystifying beauty of many of the world’s most remarkable gardens, and to inspire me to learn about the artistry of garden and landscape design as I pursued a career in Horticulture. However, since I began this blog nearly three years ago my direction in life has changed. I am no longer solely pursuing a career in Horticulture or Garden Design. After a challenging and diverse series of internships in Horticulture on both coasts, I realized that the irony I felt when someone would comment on how nice a “job” it would be to spend one’s whole day in a garden was due to this widely-held perception of gardens as places that should be “escapes” from the wider world. I did not wish to hide myself away in these paradises that were made to look like naturally beautiful habitats, masking the hours of tedious labor that went into them, and the interrelationships and implications they have for larger forces in our society. Not only did I feel trapped behind these fences, but I felt blind to the world around me, and I yearned to ask these layered and complex questions building up within me. With this in mind, and because I could no longer give in to my self-doubt and set aside a longtime and heartfelt passion for History, I am now a graduate student of Environmental History, Urban History, and Archival Studies, trusting the age-old wisdom that one must know their history before they can truly know the world in which they move and the place they hold within it. Without this pursuit of understanding how can we properly know how the society in which we are a part influences the identity and communities that we shape for ourselves, and more importantly, how our decisions impact others?

So this blog is no longer specifically about gardens, although I will certainly keep writing about them and taking copious pictures to share. Hopefully I will end up writing on a diverse range of subjects, from gardens and wildlife to the sciences, history, and the arts. I will go where the wind carries me, hoping that with time inspiration will strike more often.

With my blessings,

Diana Nightingale


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